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Food (grain, pulses, oil, ghee...50+ items) is medicine? that is correct, but how? Only Ayurveda has the answer

Driving a 4 wheeler requires understanding the functionality of clutch, brake, gear system, accelerator, reverse, taking turns, traffic rules, various signals, oiling, greasing, regular servicing, etc.

The body is a machine, managing it requires an understanding of:

1. Own body type & its constitution,
2. Type of food one is eating,
3. Understanding the impact of seasons on eating food & lifestyle,
4. The impact of the daily routine on food and lifestyle,
5. Identifying the imbalances in the body on day to day basis,
6. Pacifying the balances on day to day basis using food as medicine and lifestyle changes as medicine.

Understanding and managing the above basic principle of health one can be healthy throughout life.

Do you know Grains, Pulses, Ghee, Oil, and more than 50+ food items we eat on day to day basis can be used as Medicine? In another way, food can be used to pacify the imbalances on day to day basis?

To use food as medicine on day to day basis one should know:
How to recognize the imbalances?

To recognize the imbalances one should get the ability to read  70+ types of body signals?

To recognize and read 70+ types of body signals on day to day basis one should know the theory of  Panchamahabhoot Theory, Tridosha theory.

Out of  50+ food items, what should be used as medicine today? To know this one should learn "Six Taste Therapy".

Along with pacifying the day to day imbalances, one should stop the things that are causing imbalances on day to day basis?

To avoid the day to day imbalances one should know what is the reason behind it? There are four reasons of day to day imbalances in the body that is

1. Food
2. Lifestyle 
3. Seasons 
4. Mind

One should know in detail about the four reasons of day to day imbalances in the body.

Ultimately to use 50+ food items as medicine, one needs to learn the following aspects of health as defined by Ayurveda

One can not miss or skip a single item. Each one is dependent on the rest.

If we summarise the above things, to take the responsibility of health on one's own shoulder, one should know the following basic principles of Ayurveda?

1. Panchamahabhoot Theory (Experiencing panchamahabhoota inside and outside the body)
2. Tridosha Theory (Kapha, Pitta, Vatta)
3. Six Taste Therapy (Using six tastes as medicine) Sweet, Sour, Salty, Spicy, Bitter, Astringent
4. Aahar (One of the pillars of health, scientific knowledge of 70+ day to day food items; grains, pulses, oil,            ghee)
5. Rest (One of the pillars of health)
6. Morality (One of the pillars of health)
7. Seasonal Routine (Six seasons a year, adapting food and lifestyle according to it)
8. Daily Routine (Day divided into six-part, each part influence one dose, food, and lifestyle should be                 according to it)
9. Treatment of Kapha ( How to treat Kapha with food and changes in lifestyle as medicine)
10. Treatment of Pitta ( How to treat Pitta with food and changes in lifestyle as medicine)
11. Treatment of Vata ( How to treat Vata with food and changes in lifestyle as medicine)
12. Process of maintaining health using the practical implementation of facet 1 to 11

Is there any way where all sorts of people educated/uneducated/man/woman/poor/rich can get the knowledge of "Maintaining health", understanding the process independently able to manage health without using medicines at home only? Ultimately knowing 12 aspects of Ayurveda?

Yes! There is a way.

Based on the principles of Ayurveda "10 Hours Health Independence Workshop" organized by Health Independence Team.

3 Ways to join "10 Hours Health Independence Workshop"

1.) Online Workshop - Sign up Free and Watch Free Demo Videos

2.) For a group of 40 people, one can arrange the 10 hours Course at there place (In any part of India)

3.) One can attend the One/Two/Three day courses being organized in Pune regularly.

Minimum 10 hours requires to understand 12 aspects of Ayurveda.

Features of 10 hours health independence workshop:

  • Wisdom of managing the food of Children, diseases of children in a home without using a medicine
  • Wisdom of managing the food of old age people, diseases of old age people in a home without using the medicine
  • Wisdom of managing the health of people working in night shift
  • Wisdom of managing the health of people working in a too hot or too cold environment, lots of traveling 
  • Wisdom of managing the health of people having lots of public speaking jobs
  • Scientific knowledge of 71 food items (grains, pulses, oil, ghee, sweets, spices, etc) )we consume on a day to day basis.
  • Scientific knowledge of one’s own body and ability to read 72 signals body giving to understand the imbalances like dandruff, hair loss, tanning, constipation, low immunity, weakness, craving of eating sweets, craving of eating sour/salty,  craving of eating spicy, type of stool, type of urine, etc 
  • Our kitchen is full of 52 medicines, the wisdom of how to use it.
  • Wisdom of how to adjust our food intake and lifestyle in 6 seasons   Spring(Vasant), Summer(Grishma)Monsoon(Varsha), Autumn (Sharad), Pre-Winter(Hemant), Winter(Shishir)
  • Wisdom of mind impacting on health and scientific techniques of keeping the mind concentrated and defilement free.
  • 55 ways of treating day to day diseases, imbalances in a home without using medicines
  • 456 questions related to health answered
  • Adapting food and lifestyle according to relocation to different geographical zone like South India, North India, Western side of India, Coastal Area, etc
  • Using Self Diagnosis Kit and after course completion how to use it in the home to self diagnose small health issues and get a direction to cure it by doing changes in food and lifestyle.

Benefits of 10 hours health independence workshop:

  • Wisdom of how to live a healthy life till last breath in the same way our ancestors were living till a few generations back
  • Wisdom to become once own doctor.
  • Save lots of money, time and health now and in future
  • Lose the fear of oil, Ghee, Cholesterol 70+ food items 
  • Frequent infections, low immunity, weight gain, constipation, hair loss, infertility, etc lose the fear of 90+ these kinds of diseases in day to day life 
  • Wisdom to cure 92 day to day small health issues without using medicines.
  • We will lose fear and confusion about consuming 71 food items.
  • Wisdom of taking care health of one’s own children and old age people.
  • The complete solution to Health Independence

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Health in every home....Happiness in every home!

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