Tuesday, March 3, 2020

90+ small day to day health issues can be avoided in home without medicine at home? using 12 facets of Ayurveda? How?

Repairing small issues in a car requires thorough knowledge of Car its wiring, various components, etc.

Research says that on average everyone is doing 12 mistakes in taking food and lifestyle. Mistake count goes to 4380 per year.

Doing so many mistakes one gets prey to 90+ day to day small health issues. Over a period of years, it can bring bigger health issues such as cancer, diabetes, etc

How to avoid the 12 daily mistakes?

As in the case of car, to correct small daily mistakes in consuming food and lifestyle thorough knowledge of basic components of health is necessary.

What are the basic components of health?

1. Panchmahabuta Theory( experiencing Panchmahabuta inside and outside the body)
2. Tridosha Theory ( Kapha, Pitta, Vata)
3. Six Taste Therapy ( Using six tastes as medicine) Sweet, Sour, Salty, Spicy, Bitter, Astringent
4. Aahar ( One of the pillars of Health, scientific knowledge of 70+ day to day food items grains, pulses, oil, ghee )
5. Rest ( One of the pillars of health)
6. Morality ( One of the pillars of health)
7. Seasonal Routine ( Six seasons a year, adapting food and lifestyle according to it)
8. Daily Routine ( Day divided into six-part, each part influence one dosa, food, and lifestyle should be according to it)
9. Treatment of Kapha ( How to treat Kapha with food and changes in lifestyle as medicine)
10. Treatment of Pitta ( How to treat Kapha with food and changes in lifestyle as medicine)
11. Treatment of Vata ( How to treat Kapha with food and changes in lifestyle as medicine)
12. Process of maintaining health using practical implementation of facet 1 to 11

Is there any way where all sorts of people educated/uneducated/man/woman/poor/rich can get the knowledge of "Maintaining health", understanding the process independently able to manage health without using medicines at home only? Ultimately knowing 12 aspects of Ayurveda?

Yes! There is a way.

"10 Hr Health Independence-Ayurveda Introduction course" organized by Health Independence Team.

1.) By sitting at home one can attend the course, to see more details please visit

2.) For a group of 40 people, one can arrange the 10 hr Course at there place( In any part of India)

3.) One can attend the One/Two/Three day courses being organized in Pune regularly.

Minimum 10 Hrs requires to understand 12 aspects of Ayurveda.

Feature of 10 Hr Health Independence Workshop:
  • Scientific knowledge of 71 food items we consume on day to day basis
  • Scientific knowledge of one’s own body and ability to read 72 signals its giving to understand the imbalances
  • Our kitchen is full of 52 medicines, wisdom of how to use it
  • Wisdom of how to adjust our food intake and lifestyle in 6 seasons
  • Wisdom of mind impacting on health and scientific techniques of keeping the mind concentrated and defilement free.
  • 55 ways of treating day to day diseases, imbalances in a home without using medicines
  • Lifetime access to the classroom workshops
  • 456 questions related to health answered

Benefits of 10 Hr Health Independence Workshop:
  • Wisdom to avoid 30 mistakes in taking food and lifestyle
  • Wisdom to avoid 92 day to day small health issues
  • Wisdom to cure 92 day to day small health issues without using medicines
  • We will lose fear and confusion about consuming 71 food items
  • Wisdom to become once own doctor
  • Save lots of money, time and health
  • Wisdom of taking care of one’s own children and old age people

Fore more details visit:

Health in every home....Happiness in every home!

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