Thursday, March 19, 2020

Increase your immunity day-by-day by getting answers to 10 question unique to your health !

Susceptibility to infection is the primary symptom of a weak immune system Symptoms of a weak immune system can include 1.) Digestive issues, including loss of appetite 2.) Feeling tired all the time 3.) Frequent infections etc Below are some root causes of the symptoms 1.) Sedentary Lifestyle 2.) Too Much Exercise 3.) Extreme Diets 4.) Inadequate sleep 5.) Eating too much-processed food etc To pluck out the root cause of weak immune systems one should know the answers of the following 10 questions:

1.) How much exercise should I do? Am I doing too much or less? 2.) Am I doing enough physical work? or doing too much or less? 3.) How much sleep should I get and what is right time? 4.) Do my choices of day to day food and quantity are correct? like - How many chapatis, roti, vegetables, fruits etc - Which edible oil, how much daily? - Milk, curd, butter, ghee, how much daily? 5.) Do my food eating habits are correct? like - how may time to eat? - how much to eat every time? - what to eat every time? - how much water/liquid to drink? 6.) Am I adapting food choices, intake, and lifestyle according to the season change ? 7.) From birth, everyone got a unique constitution , am I adapting food choices, intake, and lifestyle accordingly? 8.) According to age group( children, young, old age), there is a need to change the food choices and lifestyle, am I doing it? 9.) Food eating habits of costal region , northern region, middle region, western and eastern regions of India are different. What are the best practices for my region? 20.) Am I stress-free, calm? The state of my mind has a bigger impact on my health?

Please note that as there is a proverb in Marathi "व्यक्ती तितक्या प्रकृती", each person is unique, each one's daily requirement of food type, quantity, each one's lifestyle needs to be different and it is to be identify by oneself only.

One common answer to above 10 questions can't be there to all seekers! Where to get answers to the questions specific to me? Is it possible to get them? Yes ! it is possible! 4957+ people from 17+ countries learned old age wisdom that is proven for thousands of years, being taught since 21 years by Dr. Nikhil Mehta ! Why not you? Get the lifelong answers of 10 questions related to your unique health, follow it on a day to day basis and be healthy day by day. Learn anywhere, anytime and at your pace! Signup to watch Free demo workshop lectures in Hindi !

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